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Services Provided by MPC:

  • Structural engineering design and documentation;
  • Civil engineering design and documentation;
  • Direct coordination between 3D modelling and shop detailing;
  • Finite Element modelling of complicated structures;
  • Structural designs and assessments for lifting works;
  • Structural and civil engineering inspections, investigations, analysis and reporting;
  • Structural and civil engineering inspections and advice during construction phase.

Typical Projects:

  • New mining infrastructure requiring complex structural engineering modelling, such as hoppers, bins, conveyor gantries, and support platforms;
  • Upgrades to existing mining and bulk materials handling infrastructure;
  • New utility depot facilities (for example, the new Ausgrid Depot in Singleton NSW);
  • Energy substations;
  • Crane inspections (10 and 25-year safety inspections, as well as damage/defect repair inspections);
  • Lifting beams, spreader beams, lifting lugs and lift staging diagrams for lifting and rotating heavy plant and fabricated elements;
  • Fabricated specialty-purpose mobile crane attachments;
  • New industrial workshops, large or small;
  • Extension, re-development or fit-out of existing workshops;
  • New storage facilities;
  • Hardstands and industrial pavements, including assessment of heavy vehicle turning manoeuvres;

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