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Services Provided by MPC:

  • Structural engineering design and documentation;
  • Civil engineering design and documentation;
  • Structural and civil engineering inspections, investigations and reporting;
  • Structural and civil engineering inspections and advice during construction phase.

Typical Projects:

  • New government funded facilities such as libraries, performing arts centres, information centres and youth venues;
  • Improvements to Surf Club buildings and promenades;
  • Improvements and strengthening works to ocean bath facilities and public swimming pools;
  • New public infrastructure, including pedestrian walkways and bridges, retaining walls, access ramps and stairs, handrail systems, roads, car parking and signage;
  • New sporting facilities including sporting fields, stadiums and club-houses;
  • New infrastructure for hospitals and associated government health services;
  • Strengthening and improvements to existing Council depots;
  • Pump lifting frames, monorail beams, plant room improvements and roof-top walkways;
  • Installation of new Solar Photovoltaic systems on the roof of Council buildings.

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