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Asset Maintenance

Services Provided by MPC:

  • Visual condition inspection of existing building and infrastructure assets;
  • Invasive investigation and assessment of building and infrastructure assets;
  • Assessment of the structural capacity of existing buildings to support solar photovoltaic systems on the roof;
  • Preparation of condition reports, with recommendations for repairs and ongoing maintenance;
  • Structural and Civil engineering design and documentation of improvements and upgrades to existing assets;
  • Structural and civil engineering inspections and advice during construction phase.

Typical Projects:

  • For Local Councils:
    • Heritage buildings and structures;
    • Multi-storey car parks;
    • Beach-front buildings, decks and promenades;
    • Upgrades to existing sewer pumping stations;
    • Improvements and strengthening works to surf clubs, ocean bath facilities and public swimming centres;
    • Strengthening and repair works to theatres, hotels, halls, club buildings, walkways and plant decks;
    • General public infrastructure, including pedestrian walkways and bridges, retaining walls, access ramps and stairs, handrail systems, roads, car parking and signage;
    • Council depots;
    • Pump lifting frames, monorail beams, plant room improvements and roof-top walkways.

  • For Industrial Facilities:
    • Conveyors, gantries and towers;
    • Gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorail beams, and lifting devices;
    • Ship loaders, storage facilities and silos;
    • Bridges and access walkways;
    • Warehouses and administration buildings;
    • Industrial pavements;
    • Drainage infrastructure.

  • For Commercial Facilities:
    • Defects and repairs to existing commercial buildings;
    • Street awnings;
    • Shop front improvements;
    • Drainage infrastructure;
    • Building foundation improvements;
    • Steel, timber and concrete structural framing defects repairs and improvements;
    • Marine structures including sea walls, jetties, wharfs, boat sheds, communication towers and bridges.

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