Asset Maintenance

NCC Lambton Pool Repair Works

At the request of Newcastle City Council, MPC conducted a structural engineering investigation into damage to the base of the diving pool at the Lambton Swimming Centre, Lambton NSW. MPC’s investigation found that hydrostatic relief valves had failed whilst the pool was drained (for maintenance) and caused displacement of the base slab. MPC provided a scope of works to NCC for the relevant structural damages.

NCC Civic Theatre Roof Walkways

MPC provided structural design and documentation services for improvements to the walkway framing within the roof space of the Civic Theatre, Newcastle NSW. The walkway was used for access for maintenance staff as well as lighting and sound technicians. MPC provided a structural design that was easily constructed in small segments, and fit well within the existing roof framing arrangement.

NCC Civic Theatre Plant Decks

MPC conducted a structural investigation of an existing suspended concrete slab on the roof of the Civic theatre, Newcastle NSW, in order to assess its suitability to support additional loads from a new air conditioning condenser unit.  The investigation found that additional steel beams were required to be fixed to the existing slab in order to meet current Australian Standard requirements. MPC subsequently provided Newcastle City Council with structural drawings for the proposed works.

NCC Civic Theatre Fly Gallery and Stage Repair

MPC were requested by Newcastle City Council to provide structural design and documentation services for an upgrade to the fly gallery above the main stage of the Civic theatre, Newcastle NSW. MPC’s design specified new steel rectangular hollow section joists with the minimum possible wall thickness so as to keep the project costs down and to ensure framing members could be lifted to the fly gallery by hand.

MPC also provided structural design and documentation for upgrades to the main stage, including assessment of existing foundation brickwork, floor bears, and joists, and the design of new structural plywood flooring systems.

NCC Newcastle Baths Retaining Walls and Stairs

Newcastle City Council constructed improvements at the Newcastle Ocean baths facility, which included extension of an existing retaining wall to create additional car parking space, and the construction of a new external timber stair case for pedestrians. MPC conducted a investigation in the structural integrity of the existing retaining wall to determine what strengthening measures would be required to enable the retaining wall height to be lifted. The final MPC design involved a grid of new concrete strip footings connected to the wall extension to provide lateral support against sliding and rotation failure. In addition, MPC provided structural advice for the construction of the new timber pedestrian walkway stair and landing.

NCC Foreshore Carriage Sheds

MPC conducted a detailed structural engineering investigation of the existing heritage-listed carriage shed timber framing currently used as an awning structure along the foreshore adjacent to Newcastle beach. Following the initial investigation, MPC prepared structural drawings for the repair of numerous defects identified within the framing, which included severely rotted timbers and excessive sagging of roof trusses.