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Sophie Brenton

Sophie Brenton

Operations and Marketing

Sophie has been with MPC since 2011 and brings her 13 years’ experience in operations and office management to our team. Sophie has been our accounts and admin manager and is now working more in Operations, QA and Marketing for MPC.

Sophie loves engaging with clients to ensure all of their engineering needs are met, and is proud of being a part of the many projects which have helped Newcastle grow into the thriving CBD, cultural and lifestyle hub it is today

Outside of work Sophie is passionate about being a mum to her young son, discovering new places and helping wildlife. She is proud of her work fundraising for and building Australia’s first and only wombat hospital.

If Sophie didn’t have to work she would lose herself in travelling and exploring to see what this magnificent planet has to show her and if she won $50m she would employ those funds to be an intrepid traveller extraordinaire and fund scientific research!